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What Type Of Arrhythmia Is Most Life Threatening

An irregular or abnormal heartbeat is medically referred to as arrhythmia. Arrhythmias are characterized by abnormal cardiac rhythms, which may range from

how long does a thyroid ultrasound take

People suffering from thyroid diseases require routine exams, blood tests, and thyroid screening. Endocrinologists (a doctor who is specialized in glands and

chest pain when lying down

If you experience chest pain when lying down, it does not necessarily mean that you are having a heart attack. Even though we

COPD vs Emphysema

COPD has over 15 million medical diagnoses to date around the world. Yet, many remain undiagnosed. With COPD presently being the third

NOTE: This post originally appeared on On a breezy evening in spring, John and Kevin, two handsome young men, graduated from

when should i be worried about an irregular heartbeat

The heart beats at a rate of 60 to 100 beats a minute, 48000 times an hour, 100000 times a day, and more than 2.5 billion times in

debilitating diseases

There are many different ways to define debilitating diseases. But what exactly are they? The term “debilitating” comes from the Latin word

Screening Vs Diagnostics Tests

Find out the differences between screening and diagnostics tests and why detecting diseases even before the symptoms appear is crucial

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    Hemifacial spasm

    Hemifacial spasm is a chronic disorder that causes the face to jerk uncontrollably. A hemifacial spasm is a condition that affects only …

    Stress and Thyroid Issues (Hyperthyroidism)

    The word “stress” seems all too prevalent in today’s society. Although the negative effects of stress on human health are well documented, …

    Chest Pain And Dizziness - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    Chest pain and dizziness are typical signs of numerous underlying causes. They frequently happen alone, but they can also happen in tandem. …

    why preventive care is important

    Why preventive care is important? Most people behave reactively rather than proactively when it comes to healthcare. They won’t take care of …

    Decompensated Heart Failure

    Heart failure results when the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Decompensated heart failure (DHF) is the stage in which …

    Kidney Scarring

    Kidney scarring, often known as fibrosis, is a major cause of kidney illnesses. Kidney scarring can be brought on by diabetes, high …

    Is Belching a Sign of Heart Attack

    A heart attack occurs when there is an abrupt cessation of the blood supply to the heart muscle. The result is the …

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